Better for Members

We believe that the new merged credit union will be stronger financially than either of the credit unions individually, with the capacity to provide greater benefits for our members, employees, and communities. This includes investing in improved products and services, technological innovation, and a robust patronage program.

With realized cost reductions and operational efficiencies, the new credit union will be in a stronger financial position to not only maintain, but also provide enhanced offerings in the following areas:

  • highly competitive rates and fees;
  • more competitive and diverse account package options;
  • a flexible patronage program with the objective of paying out bonuses in cash.

The new credit union will have:

  • increased technological capacity allowing for continued investments in leading edge technology, security, and experiences that meet or exceed member expectations.
  • convenient branch locations across rural Southern Manitoba and urban Winnipeg.

Members will have greater access to high-quality advice from experts and more convenient banking options.

  • Expanded wealth management and insurance offerings to provide one-stop service for all financial needs.
  • No branch overlap; the credit union staff that you’re familiar with today will continue to serve you if the merger is successful.
  • Leveraged expertise and knowledge of combined staff.
  • More resources to expand service teams and enhance relations with members.

In addition, the new credit union would eliminate duplicated costs and take advantage of more economies of scale. These efficiencies would put the credit union in a stronger financial position long-term.