Account Packages

Our brand new, consolidated product lineup and service fee structure was announced on January 1, 2021.


Most products remained the same with added benefits, although you may have seen a new name or two.* We carefully assessed each product to keep the best benefits for members, including:

  • Monthly interest payments on most interest-paid accounts
  • Free INTERAC e-Transfers® on many account packages
  • Competitive interest rates (including variable TFSAs)

Where you need us to be, at any stage of your life. We’re offering you solutions and choices for every stage of life: starting out, mid-career, and retirement, plus everything in between.

Please review the documents below for further information on the new product lineup and service fee structure.

Note: Members with significant changes to existing accounts will receive a separate letter to communicate this change.

Personal Account Notices

Grow Accounts: All Grow accounts that no longer meet the age requirements of the account will receive a letter notification. Members are welcome to contact the Member Solutions Centre at 1.800.264.2926 to discuss options.

Investment Notices

Discontinued Investment Terms: The new Access Credit Union offers registered and non-registered investment products with one- to five-year terms in six month increments. After careful consideration, we have discontinued the 7-11 month term products. Legacy Access Credit Union members with 7-11 month product terms maturing in 2021 will have funds transferred to the equivalent registered variable product which are offered at a better rate of interest. If you wish for your funds to be invested in an alternative product or account, please contact the Member Solutions Centre at 1.800.264.2926 to discuss your options.

TFSAs Transferred: As of January 1, 2021, your TFSA plan currently held under Crosstown Civic Credit Union’s TFSA specimen plan will be transferred to Access Credit Union’s specimen plan. Concentra Trust remains as the trustee, while all administration and processing continues to be conducted directly at the credit union. Note, this amendment does not alter the investment(s) held in your TFSA plan in any fashion.

Download your copy of the Declaration of Trust governing Access Credit Union’s TFSA specimen plan.

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